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2 FMA icons! :3

Not many icons this time, just 2 FMA ones from the fangame "Roy and an Incident."

(Screencap taken by ceasefire )

1) 2)

Comment if you take, please. <3

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    Tsubasa Chronicle x 6 Air Gear x 4 Bleach x 3 Bokura ga Ita x 1 Chobits x 10 D.Gray-man x 1 Inu Yasha x 4 Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora x 1 Loveless x 2…

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    11 [x] Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora wa 09 [x] Bleach 04 [x] One Piece _________ 24 [x] Total [after the cut]

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    Hello. I have some new icons for you ^^ I hope you'll like them aand --> That's the "stuff" that I made: 10 [x] Bokura ga Ita 04 [x] Nana 03…

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