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we pwn.

icons + banners. requests are <3'ed.
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Welcome to frostic_designs, a community for icon lovers like you. ^.^ We specialize in icons, but can make userinfo banners and layout headers on request. :3 Anyone is allowed to join and post his/her own icons, layouts, banners, mood themes, etc.


1. Give credit. Especially credit other artists besides myself. Personally, as long as you credit me in the icon comments, I'm fine with it. Userinfo credits are loved, but not required for my work. For banners and headers, I would think the only place you could credit would be the userinfo, so please credit there. ^^ I'm not much of a credit nazi about my work as long as you don't pass it off as yours. :3

2. For anime/manga/game designs, please put them under a cut if they contain spoilers. Please? ^^

3. If you want to make a matching icon from a header we've made, please ask the artist first. With me, you don't need to ask, but other artists may require you to, so please follow their rules.

4. Don't email artists any requests. Posting an entry in the community is sufficient. Someone will see it and make your requested graphic for you, don't worry. :3

5. Please comment if you take something. It's not required, but it's nice to see how many people are using our graphics.

6. To members that can make icons/graphics: feel free to fill requests of your choice. :)

7. Textless icons made by me can be used as bases. If you see an icon that you absolutely adore, and the only way it could be made better would be if your name was on it, go ahead and edit it. :) I still would like credit, but you're free to edit it as you wish. If you want to edit other artist's icons, ask them first.

8. If you make an icon out of fanart, please credit the original artist. I don't want to hear any bitching from an artist whose art you used. xD

9. Please follow this form when requesting a graphic:
- Type of graphic wanted
- Links to pictures you want used (please do this. D: I don't want to have to guess what picture you want.)
- Color/s (If you don't care what colors are used, then don't fill in this field :) )
- Text wanted (if any)

10. If you want a fanart in your picture, please provide artist name and (if you can) a link to his/her site.

11. Once your request has been filled, please edit your entry to state your request has been completed.

12. Have fun. :)

calad @ digiani

If you would like to affiliate with us, just drop me a line on AIM/MSN/YIM with your community/journal url, and we'll slap it up here asap. We gladly welcome non-LJ based sites, so if you have a gfx domain, feel free to affiliate as well. :)